Certification process

The accreditation process is designed to be supportive, consistent, and objective. Each applicant is assigned an Accreditation Coordinator who is dedicated to helping the applicant throughout the process. Accreditation is awarded after successful documentation of compliance with the current Standards. Compliance is determined by evaluation of written documents provided by the organization and by on-site inspection. On-site inspections are carried out by a team of inspectors who are qualified by training and experience.

Certification audit is conducted in two stages. The terms I and II stage of the audit is planned in consultation with the Authority. TIQ provides information in advance about the composition of the team of auditors assigned to conduct the audit. The organization is entitled to submit objections to the composition of the assessors, or request additional information about the members of the team (in case required)

After successful audit, lead auditor for the closing meeting will present the findings and conclusions of the audit (with stages I and II). In addition, the lead auditor, prepares "the audit report, which together with all the documentation of the audit, shall be forwarded to the Technical Committee for the Certification to assess the correct course of certification.  The report is also shared with the organization, TIQ also provides any comments to this report to the organisation. No such observations imply that the Authority accepts its contents.

Certificate Issuance

The decision to issue a certificate of the management system for the Certification Director shall, on the advice and information publicly available, the information gathered during the certification process and the decision of the Technical Committee for the Certification TIQ letter notifies the Organisation of the decision to issue the certificate. Condition of the issuance of the certificate is the lack of non-compliance, or if they occur, the removal deadline. The certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of the decision to issue a certificate

Surveillance Activities

In the period of validity of the certificate TIQ carries out surveillance and supervision. Surveillance audits are conducted at least once a year. Date of first supervision audit after the certification should not be later than 12 months after the last day of the second stage of the audit. The decision to maintain certification is taken under review the correctness of the certification process (including surveillance activities), "the audit report and positive proposals lead auditor.

Surveillance Activities